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Dually-Involved Youth

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The vast majority of the youth with CASAs have no juvenile justice involvement. Only volunteers who are prepared for and want to work with a youth involved in the juvenile justice system choose these special types of cases. 

That being said, like any young person, sometimes youth in foster care commit a crime or get caught-up in the criminal justice system. A dually-involved youth is a young person in foster care who is both a juvenile dependent and part of a case in the juvenile justice system. Victims of abuse and neglect have a higher risk of entering the juvenile justice system, making it important to remember that in criminal cases, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

According to the 2016 California Children’s Report Card published by Children Now in Santa Clara County, over half of the youth on probation have been referred to the child welfare system at least once. To the right are some resources on laws, experiences, and needs of young people trying to navigate two overlapping court jurisdictions.

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